What is a Cut and Polish?

A Cut & Polish, also known as Paint Correction, is a restorative process that rejuvenates your car’s paintwork beyond what can be achieved by any wax or wash. It is especially important if your car has become dull or hazy over time or has developed light scratches that aren’t removing with regular washing.

cut and polish brisbane is a more aggressive process that involves the use of specific cutting and polishing compounds that will flatten the surface of your clear coat. This effectively removes microscopic swirl marks that are only apparent when viewing your paintwork in direct sunlight and can often be caused by improper washing. Once the swirl marks and oxidation are removed, your clear coat will look sharp again and reflect more of the sun’s light giving your vehicle a beautiful, deep shine that no wax can rival.

This service is suited to cars that have moderate swirl marks and light scratches. It usually involves a two step process; first using a heavier cutting product to remove the majority of the defects followed by a finishing polish and finishing pad which will refine the finish by removing any marring or holograms caused by the previous steps and leave the paintwork with a high gloss.

Once the surface is smooth and polished it can be sealed with a high quality wax or ceramic coating which will help to protect your paint from bird droppings, acid rain, dirt and water spots for up to 12 months. This will also enhance your paints colour and make it look vibrant for longer.

This is the ultimate package that will restore your car to a near perfect state and maximise it’s value if you are looking to sell. This includes a full cut and polish with a ceramic coating and paint protection film applied to the glass, trims and wheels. It also includes the interiors fabric and leathers are shampooed & extracted cleaned and treated. The windows are washed and dried with a uv protection everything is vacuumed and wiped down then fully dressed and sealed.